I Love my Family, I Really Do! (1999)

Julia loves her family: her four children, aunt Isolde and the dog Victor. The only person she does not love as much is her still-to-be- husband Wolf. He was unfaithful and so she threw him out. With the usual family chaos and the daily phone calls by Aunt Isolde, Julia aspires to be an outstanding journalist as well as trying to handle her love life with her boss Jens. On top of everything hobby-detective Isolde is convinced she has discovered a murder in her old-peoples home. Shortly thereafter Isolde disappears. Wolf and Julia get closer again worrying about their aunt: Eventually Julia decides to visit Mr. Born, whom aunt Isolde has been very suspicious about.


Suzanne von Borsody,Marco & Nico Hellenthal,Friederike Grasshoff,Wolke Hegenbarth,Rosemarie Fendel,Gunter Berger,Leonard Lansink


Stefan Lukschy

Krystian Martinek nach dem gleichnamigen Roman von Anna Johann

Constantin Kesting


TV Movie

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