The Country Doctor

Together with her little son Max (Stefan Knapp), the successful doctor from Munich Dr. Johanna Lohmann (Christine Neubauer) turns her back on the big city to take over the country practice of her recently diseased uncle in the idyllic town of Großraming. This step isn't entirely voluntary, Johanna's job has just fallen victim to a series of savings cuts. Her Aunt Marie (Johanna von Koczian) receives the young widow and her little boy with open arms. However, the local community reacts in a quite different way...

Diagnoses Rabies

Despite some initial difficulties when she takes over a medical practice in the idyllic village of Grossraming, Dr. Johanna Lohmann (Christine Neubauer) has now been completely accepted by the local community. She is even on first name terms with the farmer who owns a large part of the land here, Leo Bergmeier (August Schmölzer). At present he is busy preparing for the wedding of his daughter Verena (Judith Richter), who is in the later stages of pregnancy. And while everybody in the village is convinced they know all about Johanna’s relationship with the attractive vet Laurenz Hofer (Martin Feifel), Johanna herself is far from clear about the nature of her feelings for him.

Out of The Blue

Her warm, friendly manner has enabled Dr. Johanna Lohmann (Christine Neubauer) to overcome the initial mistrust of the rural population here; she has gained their respect and confidence, and she is looking forward to sharing her future in Grossraming with the local vet Laurenz Hofer (Timothy Peach). But now her former boss Peter Curtius (Helmut Zierl) announces that he is coming for a visit... and that he wants to entice Johanna back to the Munich research institute to work on a fascinating project. However, his interest is not merely of a professional nature; he misses Johanna and wants to be together with her. Laurenz is well aware that this charming man is making advances to Johanna; feeling jealous and offended, he withdraws - leaving her suddenly facing an extremely difficult decision.

The Paternity Test

When Johanna diagnoses a little girl, Lena Straussberger, with a ruptured spleen after a fall, she has no idea that this is going to bring turmoil to her life. The results of a blood test indicate it is highly unlikely that Gerhard Straussberger (Gregor Bloéb) really is Lena’s biological father. He flies into a rage and suggests that Lena may be the result of an affair between his wife Verena (Judith Richter) and Laurenz Hofer. Johanna finds that hard to believe - but now she has become uneasy. When Verena comes to her surgery, Johanna questions her... and discovers that she really did have an affair with Laurenz. Johanna is stunned; she and Laurenz are in the middle of planning their wedding! But now nothing at all seems certain any more, especially her relationship with Laurenz.

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