Regina Ziegler is awarded the Carl Laemmle Producers Award 2018

During a festive award ceremony Prof. Regina Ziegler was distinguished as an excellent producer and was awarded the Carl Laemmle Producers Award 2018 for her life's work.

Over 450 invited guests from the world of film, television, politics and economics have come together at the Schloss Großlaupheim to honour Regina Ziegler for her impressive life work. Among the guests were the actresses Mariella Ahrens, Veronica Ferres, Sabine Postel, Anna Thalbach, Sabrina Khalil, Gudrun Landgrebe, Lara Mandoki, Claudia Mehnert, Melanie Winiger, the actors Rafael Gareisen, Stephan Grossmann, Samuel Koch, Günther Lamprecht as well as TV chef Sarah Wiener.

Martin Moszkowicz, the chairman of the 9-headed jury and CEO of Constantin Film AG and Board member of the Produzentenallianz, announced the jury's decision: "Over 40 years ago, Regina Ziegler was the first significant female film producer in Germany. She has managed to assert herself in the male dominated industry with her unwavering will and a clear vision, and has thus helped many film makers, actresses and actors to their respective breakthroughs. Her untamable energy coupled with her focused perseverence and her fascinating passion for her job have helped her raise her medium-sized production company to one of the leading independent production houses in Germany."

Regina Ziegler replied: "I thank the Produzentenallianz and the jury for having chosen me. I thank the city of Laupheim for honouring one of their own, once outcast sons. And me as well."

Actress Thekla Carola Wied gave a personal speech about her friend and companion: "As if the award had been created for your alone, dear Regina, It fits you like a glove, to your person and to your work. Your entire work: over 500 films and series, for cinema and for TV - even you might not know the exact number. A really impressive feat."

Alexander Thies and Dr. Christoph Palmer, respectively President and CEO of the Produzentenallianz, added that Regina Ziegler's impressive works as producer represent a fine example of the Produzentenallianz' guidelines of a producer and the creative film production.

This award should not only highlight Regina Ziegler's excellent life work, but also acknowledge and promote the special performance by all producers who are involved in the creative and financial process of the film production.

Gerold Rechle, Mayer of the city of Laupheim: "Regina Ziegler, just as Carl Laemmle before her, has managed to create something very special and to influence the world of film for many generations to come. Her life's motto "Geht nicht gibt's nicht" is nothing less than the German equivalent of "It can be done!" - Carl Laemmle's own life's motto. Her work ensures that Regina Ziegler is more than worthy of the second Carl Laemmle Producers Award."

The award ceremony took place at the Schloss Großlaupheim and was hosted by SWR presenter Hendrike Brenninkmeyer and entertainer Wigald Boning. The musical accompaniment was ensured by songwriter Philipp Poisel along with actress and singer Jasmin Tabatabai and the David Klein Quartett. 

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