"In einem Land, das es nicht mehr gibt…" (In a land from long ago)

"IN EINEM LAND, DAS ES NICHT MEHR GIBT (In a land from long ago) is a film about joy de vivre, a film of colliding extremes: longing and close spaces - socialism and elegance - freedom and treason. A story full of humour and passion with one question at its center: When put to decide between love, family or friendship - which price are you willing to pay?" (Aelrun Goette)

The film is based on true stories.

Start of shoot is May 2020



East Berlin, 1988: shortly before the exams 17 years old Suzie is expelled from high school and has to start a training as an engineer in the Kabelwerk Oberspree. In a happenstance moment her photo is taken early in the morning in the tram and ends up on the cover of the fashion journal SIBYLLE, the "VOGUE of the East", opening doors to the glamourous fashion world of VHB Exquisit and giving her the chance to flee from the socialist factory life. Suzie dives into the dazzling subculture of the underground where the homosexual Rudi and his friends invent and create their very own fashion and designs made from shower curtains and leather as well as their passion and their fantasies. Along the way she falls in love with the rebel and photographer Coyote whose sensual pictures are everyone's delight, however who is forbidden to publish his photos. Together with his "Indian" motorbike, they speed towards the beach, and Suzie lives the freedom she had always dreamed of. But during her rise to Eastern German supermodel, Coyote completes his plans in secret to flee to the West, her little sister nearly succeeds in killing herself out of desperate longing and Suzie is ordered to betray her friends. Suzie now needs to decide: which price is she willing to pay?

The story is about beauty in Eastern Germany. About laughter and the suspense of doing something forbidden. About sensual fashion, giant dreams and a little sister who just about perishes out of loneliness. About lies and secrets, painful separations, self betrayal and solidarity in day-to-day life. And about a young girl on her way to becoming a woman.

Producers: Tanja Ziegler, Susa Kusche
Author & Director: Aelrun Goette


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