God's powerful Servant

2009- tv
Never has a woman held so much power in the Vatican as this nun from Altötting. In a world where women scarcely existed, she stood at the side of Pope Pius XII for 40 years.
In the first half of the 20th century, despite a number of reservations about her, the young nun Pascalina (Christine Neubauer) is sent by her Mother Superior Tharsilla Tanner (Tina Engel) to Munich, to be the housekeeper of the Nuntius Eugenio Pacelli (Remo Girone) - and for Pascalina this turns out to be a fateful encounter. She soon becomes his assistant private secretary and personal adviser... And before long many other nuns are accusing her of also spending time in his bedroom. Pascalina is called back to the convent, advised to repent and to renew her vows. Deeply offended, she refuses to do so; she struggles to find the right path and begs for God's guidance. With the help of Cardinal Faulhaber (Ulrich Gebauer) she is able to follow Pacelli - who has in the meantime been appointed the Cardinal’s Secretary of State - to Rome. Here Pascalina comes up against considerable opposition from his new right-hand man, Monsignore Wilson (Wilfried Hochholdinger). Women have no place in the Vatican, believes the Monsignore! However, he is unable to prevent a meeting between Pascalina and Pacelli. Before long her notes on a draft agreement land on the desk of Pope Pius XI, who is extremely impressed by the sharp mind this nun clearly possesses. He gives her permission to live within the walls of the Vatican - the first time a woman has been allowed to do so. But Monsignore Wilson is not the only one to make Pascalina's life difficult; soon she encounters completely different conflicts. Pacelli produces a critical encyclical With Burning Anxiety, which is unpopular with the regime in Nazi Germany - and as a consequence extremely repressive measures are taken against representatives of the church there. Soon afterwards Pius XI dies – and Pacelli is chosen to be the new Pope. An intrigue set in motion by Wilson results in public opinion turning against Pascalina. But instead of accepting her resignation, the Pope orders her to set up a papal charity. And when Pope Pius XII finally abandons his stance of neutrality towards the Nazis, Pascalina is able to mobilize all her forces in an attempt to rescue the Jews of Rome. Not until 1958, when Pope Pius XII dies, does Pascalina finally walked out of the Vatican with one small suitcase - for ever.


Christine Neubauer, Remo Girone, Thomas Loibl, Ulrich Gebauer, Tina Engel, Emily Behr Mareike Carriére u.a


Director»Marcus O. Rosenmüller

Script»Henriette Piper, Gabriele Scheidt, Marcus O. Rosenmüller nach dem gleichnamigen Buch von Martha Schad

Director of Photography»Klaus Merkel

Editor»Raimund Vienken

Music»Hans Franek

Production Designer»Heike Bauersfeld, Marcus A. Berndt

Costume Designer»Mirjam Muschel

Hair & Make Up Design»Gabi Trutz, Manhard Kruse

Gaffer»Jürgen Bauer

Casting Director»Bo Rosenmüller

Production Manager»Heidi Schuller

Creative Producer»Nanni Erben

Executive Producer»Wolfgang Hantke

Co-Producer»Ziegler Film, Beta Film

Producer»Regina Ziegler & Elke Ried

TV Editor»Hans-Wolfgang Jurgan