Second Hand Men

1998- tv
Just recently Sarah (Simone Thomalla) became a single mother. Until then she used to have a happy family, a husband Ralf (Simon Licht) and a son Benny (Mitja Daniel Krebs). Sarah though has learned her lesson from that experience and will now only date married man. She believes that these men will not get her into any trouble. But is this really true? Her new lover Eberhard (Mattieu Carriere) is a doctor and happily married. As it turns out tough Eberhard is just another lost case. Same applies to the attractive photographer Dario Land (Ralf Richter). He is totally dependent on his rich and controlling wife Wanda (Ingrid van Bergen). Sarah‘s son Benny does not like his mother’s affairs at all. He really loves his father and even manages to get rid of his new girl-friend Regina (Dorkas Kiefer). His biggest wish is to see his parents re-united.

from the series "Power Woman"


Simone Thomalla, Simon Licht, Mitja Daniel Krebs, Jessica Kosmalla, Mathieu Carrière, Ralf Richter, Ingrid van Bergen, u.a.


Director»Christoph Eichhorn

Script»Hans-Henning Borgelt, Lienhard Wawrzyn

Director of Photography»Florian Ballhaus

Editor»Melanie Werwie

Sound»Franz P. Perey

Music»Wolfgang Köhler

Production Designer»Albrecht Konrad

Costume Designer»Chrsitina Schnell, Gisela Brost, Pia Herweda

Production Manager»Dieter rauh

Creative Producer»Titus Kreyenberg

Co-Producer»DEGETO FILM GmbH

Producer»Josef Göhlen

TV Editor»Jana Brandt