At Fifty Men Kiss Differently

1998- tv
Marie (Senta Berger) really should enjoy life: the children have left home and she has all the time she needs to paint. But Marie is not really happy: Her husband Dietrich (Ulrich Pleitgen ) spends more time with his business than with his marriage, the children just call when they need money and nobody wants to show or buy Marie's paintings. The only person to support her is her friend Anna and the painter Gerd (Konstantin Wecker). However she is desperate for a change in her life. All of a sudden she meets the G.P. Dr. Eugen Hülsenbeck as well as the attractive art critic Kevin (Martin Feifel). Marie's life takes off.

from the series "Power Woman"


Senta Berger, Ulrich Pleitgen, Konstantin Wecker, Hans-Peter Hallwachs, Eleonore Weisgerber, Heinrich Schafmeister, Tina Ruland, u.a.


Director»Margarethe von Trotta

Script»Alistair Beaton, Martin Hennig

Director of Photography»Stefan Spreer

Editor»Gaby Grausam

Sound»Simon Bucher

Music»Konstantin Wecker

Production Designer»Barbara Becker

Costume Designer»Claudia Bobsin

Production Manager»Richard Bolz

Co-Producer»DEGETO FILM GmbH

Producer»Josef Göhlen

TV Editor»Renate Michel