Nancy and Frank – A Manhattan Love Story

2002- kino
A passionate love story in New York
Nancy Ferencz comes from Hungary, but she has been living for several years in the United States now, attends New York University, and feels quite integrated into the American Way of Life. She is tough and career-oriented, dreams however of working as a researcher on wild animal behavior in Africa. 
While attending a party on a yacht in Manhattan, she makes the acquaintance the German businessman Frank Wagner. He has been sent by Frankfurt-based "Winkler Industries" to New York to close an important contract with the American tycoon Curtis Sherman. Since Nancy’s arrival in America, Sherman has been showering more attention on her than just fatherly care, something she rigidly rejects. All the same, Sherman is jealous when he notices how much Frank is fascinated by Nancy. 
Paul von Bernwarth, Frank’s mentor and New York branch director of "Winkler Industries", is also present on board the yacht. As Sherman’s long-time business partner he is supposed to support Frank in concluding the deal with Sherman. 
While Frank and Nancy are becoming attached to one another, Sherman uses Paul to intrigue against the unsuspicious Frank. His plan: Sherman will discredit Frank by refusing to sign the closing contract. Then when Frank returns to Germany as a blundering failure, Paul will pick up the reins again and close the deal with Sherman. 
Frank is completely shattered when he learns that the deal has fallen through. Nancy, who has drawn closer to him and shares his feels, makes him swear not to give up. But when she enters his apartment unannounced, she mistakes the cleaning-woman as his lover and leaves the place in a huff. 
Afterwards, just when Frank is desperately trying to find Nancy in order to clarify the misunderstanding, she crosses his path by coincidence on the street. He follows her and surprises in a hotel with a stranger - it turns out that she works as an escort for businessmen in order to finance her studies. They make up and decide on the spot to drive to New England, where their love for each other is declared. 
Nancy offers to use her influence with Sherman to help Frank out of the mess. Again, Frank is uneasy: what secret ties Nancy to Sherman? Nancy has had her fill of this suspicions. Still, loving him now more than ever, she urges him not to give up the fight. So she embarks on a dangerous game with Sherman...


Hardy Krüger Jr., Frances Anderson, Robert Wagner, Gottfried John, Jamie Harris, u.a.


Director»Wolf Gremm

Script»Jonathan Brett & Wolf Gremm

Director of Photography»Egon Werdin

Production Designer»Eduard Krajewski

Costume Designer»Christina Schnell

Production Manager»Michael Schmidt

Line Producer»Rüdiger Lange


Producer»Elke Ried (Zieglerfilm Köln), Regina Ziegler (Ziegler Film)

TV Editor»Monika Paetow